Black Legion Codex Chaos Space Marines Supplement

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Black Legion Codex Chaos Space Marines Supplement

For Tens of Thousands of years the Black Legion has fought the armies of the false Emperor, striking out from the Eye of Terror to sow ruin and madness among the stars. In their wake, worlds burn to ash and the screams of the damned echo in the warp.

This supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines allows you to turn your Citadel miniatures collection into a mighty host of Black Legion, bringing fire and death to the Imperium.

Within the 72 pages of this book you will find:The story of Black Legion’s fall from grace and rise to power, including the tale of their infamous Warmaster, Abaddon the Despoiler.

  • A showcase of Chaos Space Marine Citadel miniatures, presenting warband colours and icons of the Black Legion
  • A set of supplemental rules including Warlord Traits and Chaos Artefacts that, along with Codex: Chaos Space Marines, allow you to assemble your Black Legion models into a force for Warhammer 40,000 battles
  • A series of narrative missions that enable you to play through Black Legion’s bloody history, alongside a set of Altar of War missions that showcase the Black Legion’s deadly tactics.
Black Legion is designed work alongside the rules found in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, which you will need in order to field a Black Legion collection on the tabletop.

Please note this product is only available in English.

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